Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned racing driver, everyone can benefit from increased seat time, instruction, and development from a professional instructor. Who better than the FIA Silver Status and reigning Britcar Champion Driver, Danny Harrison.

As well as being a High-Performance Driving Instructor, Danny is professionally licenced by ARDS in conjunction with Motorsport UK, currently the only recognised and available licence for circuit racing instructors.

Typical Instruction Days

Driver Coaching with Danny Harrison can be arranged as a 1:1 Session or in small groups depending upon your budget and requirements. We usually utilise the client's own cars to provide a tailored experience to the car and/or circuit of your choice, however, we also have access to a variety of race-prepared cars.

Every session will begin by discussing previous experience, any known strengths and/or weaknesses, and what you are aiming to achieve by the end of the instruction. Once we have established clear goals and objectives, we will move onto some sighting laps of the circuit to define a benchmark starting point and aim for progression throughout the day.

A typical day of Instruction

  • Track Position
  • Racing Lines
  • Braking & Acceleration
  • Forward Vision
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Weight Transfer
  • Understeer & Oversteer
  • Steering Input

Advanced Techniques*

  • Track & Competitor Awareness
  • Mechanical Sympathy
  • Race Management
  • Advanced Weight Transfer
  • Different Braking Techniques
  • Tyre Warming & Management
  • Set-up & Feedback
  • Psychology
  • Track Knowledge

* These additional techniques are dependent upon experience.

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